Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music Industry Settles Famous Downloading Lawsuit

In 2005 family of Patti Santangelo was sued for piating music through file sharing computer network. In this case santangelo said she distributed music because she didn't know how. A federal judge described her as an "Internet-illiterate parent, who does not know Kazaa from kazoo."In 2007 In 2007, the industry dropped the lawsuit against Santangelo. But sued her two children because the indusy said they download and distributed more than 1,000 songs.

do you think the santangelo family should have been sued?

my comment

I disagree with the lawsuit agains the santangelo family because everyone download music it is not like they are the only one downloading music. I really like this article because most article do not really tell you alot about what is going on and this article do not take one side .It takes both sides .

My opinion

This article was written by Associated press. I learn that you can get sued for downloading music with out paying for it.I really do not think you should be sued for downloading music that crazy to me .Everyone download music so are they going to sued everyone.Let me see they try to do that sued the hold world just for downloading music.

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