Friday, May 15, 2009


This article is by NOLAN CLAY the name of this article in Feed the children fight brews.This article is a about a lawsuit in dec 4 agains feed the children by its own director.This lawsuit stated that the director were unlawfully replaced in December on the board that oversees Feed The Children.The five director ask a Oklahoma County judge to rule they are still the valid directors.They want the judge to throw out the new diretor and invalidate all actions taken.Feed the children Feed The Children believes that the claims have no merit,” the statement concluded and The lawsuit is sealed from public view. The Oklahoman obtained a copy of the petition before it was made secret.

do you think the lawsuit agains feed the children was a fear lawsuit and what amendments both party following?


I do not think feed the children is a good organization becuase larry is the one gettin all the shine and not the kids i think he just in it for money.I also agree with the lawsuit agains feed the children by the 5 directors.I think they should be allowed to keep there jobes no matter what.The judge should rule that they are a vailid directors because it is not fear for them.

if you was the judge who would you rule agains and your reasoning why?


I learn alot about feed the children.Not many people truct this organization because they think feed the children is a ripoff.Also from all the comment i saw on diff websit. I thimk feed the children do rip people off . The most popular lawsuit was the feed the children fight drews and after many people find out they really began to think diff about this organization

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