Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day care center faces lawsuit over kids’ treatment

This article is by Rhonda cook a Atlanta journal this is about a keenesaw day care teacher who was arrested for misdemeanor reckless conduct and simple battery.Parents of a four year old girl said the day care teacher Monica hollins locked their daughter into the bathroom because she made a toilet accident and monica would sit on the little girl just to get her to take a nap.A five year old little boy parents also field a similsr lawsuit agains Monica saying she choked the little boy and also locked him in the bath room.The parents are asking for a least 2.5 million to pay for theit child medical and mental health treatment.
If you would like to no how the case agains monica went you could click on the link and you will find more info.
do you think monica hollins was the only day care teacher abusing these kids?

My comment
This article is a great article mr cook give alot of info about this case.He also give you both side of the story.I agree with the approach this article has taken this article make me think about which amendments whould this be put under.I really think monica should get 22 years in prison cause if it was my kids i would have kill her .

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